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Business Name Ahoyhoy
  • Recruitment Services
  • Workforce/Resource Planning
Business Logo Business Logo
Business Description

Ahoyhoy Futures: Reliable strategic foresight capability is critical for your organisation. We can show you how to get practical about the future of work for your specific workforce.

Our team of academically trained and highly experienced strategic foresight practitioners will help you and your team step away from the present and ask more critical questions in relation to your workforce futures capability planning & building. Muster real agency to act in deep uncertainty using foresight frameworks and interventions.

Our custom-built, interactive futures scenario product supports self-directed and facilitated exploration to ensure you better prepare as trends and developments in political, economic, social and technological environments evolve.
We can help you scan and see in order to plan and prepare your workforce.

We offer a subscription-based model, facilitated workshops and consulting which gives you flexibility to explore this emerging space with confidence.

Ahoyhoy Community: We are a membership community for individuals. We are on a mission to become a force for better across our modern working lives. We offer our shoulders to stand on and we stand on the shoulders of others. We hold space and attract people who want to work in a way that is kind, brave and compassionate.

As a membership, we support each other as we explore and navigate our individual work//life transitions. Our ecosystem supports Ahoyer's to experiment and discover the right work for right now.

We run services and events to help our member's design, test and launch products & services with a common goal to help enhance individuals working lives, to make things better. We connect our members to each other and share opportunities and new work. Our members believe there are many ways to get work done and want to collaborate and create new work opportunities together.

Belong & anchor to a community that has your back. Learn, unlearn and relearn in the School of Ahoy. We want to make your livelihood more lively through our events, services and work opportunities that are profession and industry agnostic.

Address Level 2, 51 Langridge Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3066
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Contact Robine Stephenson, Founder & CEO
Phone +61 439 049 056
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