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Business Name CV Check Ltd
  • Assessment
  • Candidate Matching/Screening
  • Recruitment Technology
  • Reference Checking
Business Logo Business Logo
Business Description

CVCheck is a leading online background screening and verification technology company based in Australia & New Zealand.

CVCheck verifies credentials on a candidate's CV through a suite of checks including criminal, reference, VEVO, qualifications, psychometric, traffic, credit, financial and more. Our service helps organisations and hiring managers to make more confident hiring decision, providing a clearer candidate picture.

To find out how we manage the process with your candidates, saving you hours of admin time through our easy to use platform, request a demo today.

Address Second Floor, Building E
355 Scarborough Beach Road
Osborne Park, Perth 6017
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Contact Andrew Maffett, Chief Commercial Officer
Phone +61 8 9388 3000
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