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Business Name Gooroo
  • Talent Management
  • Workforce/Resource Planning
Business Logo Business Logo
Business Description

Gooroo is a strategic workforce planning and people analytics platform that helps leaders:

-- understand their people better to help construct more effective teams, promote internal mobility, inform succession planning and professional development
-- define the characteristics of who needs to be hired (beyond skills) to ensure alignment with the team and company culture
-- recruit more efficiently (identify, screen, match and shortlist) and accurately to dramatically reduce hiring risk and improve fit and diversity
-- evaluate a team's (cultural) alignment to the company’s strategy, objectives and the competitive environment they face.

Gooroo uses artificial intelligence and neuroscience across the following products:

-- Gooroo Mindspace understands individual mindset, evaluates team alignment and capability for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism.

-- Gooroo People helps organisations build enriched talent banks to speed up access to qualified talent, and inform talent development and reskilling strategies.

-- Gooroo Match intelligently screens and ranks all (internal & external) candidates for an open role.

-- Gooroo Insights provides valuable analytics on the international ITC/Digital job market to inform hiring strategy in this critical sector.

Address Level 1, 80-88 Greville Street
Prahran, VIC 3181
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Contact Michael Walmsley, VP Sales
Phone +61 3 8678 0303
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