Chat Bot Interviews Recruiter, Recruiter Gets Smitten

A typical candidate screening process usually begins with a recruiter looking through cover letters and resumes, then shortlisting potential candidates and calling them in for interviews with the hiring manager.

But if Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to get its way, this job might be taken over by a chat bot one day.

Our very own ATC Events & Media Director Trevor Vas had first-hand experience of it during his recent trip to the Recruiting Trends Conference in the States where he found himself exchanging a fascinating conversation with a recruitment chat bot named Olivia.

“Olivia is sooo cool!” Trevor cooed.









Trevor and Olivia continued to chat beyond the screenshots too.

“Olivia and I talked regularly, and she has been really very helpful in reminding me about my meeting with Aaron,” he said.

And yes, he can’t wait to meet her finally when he goes in for his interview on Monday.

Good luck mate!

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  1. Trevor Vas

    Aaron, your most welcome hope to see you in Australia with Olivia


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